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Smashing Pumpkins Sound with Electro Harmonix Pedals

Here’s an easy way to get a sound reminiscent of the Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream album. The effect chain consists of a Little Big Muff and Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai. The Little Big Muff produces the harmonic grind while the Stereo Memory Man in the modulation mode produces a doubling and thickening of the sound. The combination of these two effects produces a thick wall of sound using only one guitar. See the links below to get a hold of these sweet pedals!
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VoiceJam iPhone app

What if you could create something musically amazing with just your voice? What if you didn't need musical instruments or complicated recording software? What if you could create an entire song with your voice, simulating bass lines, melodies, rhythms and sound effects, all in one go, without ever stopping to think about it? If you answered "that would be freaking amazing", then you need to download VoiceJam. VoiceJam is your access to performing, creating, and sharing amazing musical compositions.

Xmas Present From Vai [Free MP3]

As a special gift from Steve and TuneCore, a free download of “Underground Garden (VaiTunes#4)” is featured on as part of the TuneCore 2010 Rock Sampler! ”This little jewel was buried on the infinity shelf for a while… now to show its festooned little note heads. -s” Enjoy this mellow vocal ballad and Happy Holidays from Click here to get your free download of “Underground Garden”

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Zakk Wylde's 'Voilent Styling' Power Riffing Lesson

Watch Zakk Wylde break down "Parade of the Dead," the single from Black Label Society's latest CD, 'Order of the Black' in video lesson. There is no doubt about it Zakk's intensity is always something to behold!

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iPad Orchestra Xmas Carols - Super Cool Video!

North Point's Band rock out on their new Apple iPhone's and iPad's using only the best in musical apps to create a tasty Christmas carol!

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[Video] Thomas Leebs "No Alibis"

From Thomas Leebs upcoming album "No Alibis". Played on a Lowden Baritone guitar, F#C#G#C#D#G# tuning (that's CGDGAD on a normal guitar).

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Joe Satriani's live setup revealed

Joe offers an up-close-and-personal look at the guitars, effects and amps he's been using on the road (see the video above, with photos and lists on the following pages). "I don't travel with trucks and trucks of guitars and gear," he says. "To be quite honest, I'm always trying to bring as little with me as I possibly can. One less thing to worry about is one less headache."

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Michael Hedges - Acoustic Inspiration

Andy McKee's huge success on Youtube really bought a sizeable increase in awareness of the acoustic / open tuned / percusions / slap harmonic style of guitar. That said, the pioneers were around years before, one man who no doubt inspired many of today's guitarist is Michael Hedges. Check out this clip of him in action 21 years ago!

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Hendrix Tribute - "Fire"

Off the back of the Experience Hendrix tribute tour, Jonny Lang, Chris Layton of Double Trouble, Brad Whitford of Aerosmith and Billy Cox took to the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to perform Jimi Hendrix’s classic “Fire.”

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Who is Joe Bonamassa?

Its embarrassing to say it but truth be told, Ive heard the 'Joe Bonamassa' being thrown all over the place for years... I finally got around to listening to him tonight. First impressions is he reminds me a lot of Gary Moore, especially with that Gibson in hand.

Great tone and feel, check out his web site for more such as cds, tshirts, gig tickets and more HERE

Handy String Cleaner Gadget

This is one of those inventions that you look at and wonder why it wasnt made long ago, (or more to the point you didn't think of yourself!) Would make a great xmas or birthday present for any guitarist. Who doesnt want to make their strings last longer and feel better on the fingers?

You can buy them HERE

Dream Theater / Mr Fast Finger Animator For Hire

This is the animation show reel of the super (multi) talented Mika Tyyskä. Its mostly based on various projects he's done for Mr. Fastfinger and Dream Theater during the recent years.

He's keen on doing more animation projects so if you need an animator, get in touch with him at

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Guitar World's - Lick Of The Day

Guitar World Lick of the Day is a must-have app for guitar players who want to continuously improve their guitar playing skills and broaden their repertoire in a fun and engaging way. Developed by Agile Partners and Guitar World, the world’s best-selling guitar magazine, Lick of the Day is a universal app that provides a ground-breaking approach to guitar instruction on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Behind the scenes of Devin Townsend's 'Deconstruction'

Behind the scenes of Devin Townsend's Deconstruction. Devin says "This is a record I have been working up to for some time, and while doing it, I realize that not only am I in control of it (totally) but that this newfound control allows me to take it to places I would have never been able to a decade ago. I pretty much believe that this will be one of our finest hours, and although there is some funny moments, it's a pretty 'pointed' record (if ya know what I mean)...
Anyways, any stuff you hear on these clips are either demos with drum machine, scratch vocals and demo guitars etc... but at least it illustrates the process in the beginning."

[Video] Light Years Away - Joe Satriani

Satriani's 14th studio album, Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards, was produced and recorded by Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Metallica) and Satriani. Joe is joined once again by veteran bandmate Jeff Campitelli on drums, and newcomers, keyboardist Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai) and bassist Allen Whitman (Mermen) also adding to the sound. The first single from the album was Light Years Away.

Be sure also to check out my lesson for the song HERE

[Movie] The Guitar

'The Guitar' won raves at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Saffron Burrows stars as Mel, a young woman, existing in New York City, who loses her boyfriend and her job and is given a devastating terminal cancer diagnosis by her doctor all on the same day.
Mel's surprising response to her misfortunes includes renting a loft and the purchase of a special guitar.

Steve Vai Interview - Guitar Wisdom

Some awesome wisdom shared by Steve Vai in this interview. A must for all aspiring guitarists!

Even if your not a fan of practicing as such of of Steve's music there is some real gems of inspiration in here.

Kudos to Justin Sandercoe for this interview.

3 Fingerstle Legends Unite Onstage - Emmanuel, Mckee, Jung

Tommy Emmanuel, Andy McKee and Sungha Jung meet onstage to play Ebony Coast. An amazing meeting of guitarists Im sure you will agree!

To tell the truth though it looks like there was no rehearsal of any kinda so the guys float around without any clear direction. Tthe only time anyone really takes the bull by the horns is Tommy for his solo at 1:30. Regardless great to see these guys onstage together.

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Amazing Unknown Amps & Player!

Both the player the amps and the player were complete unknown to me before this but Im equally impressed with both. Meet Carl Roa and Fortin amps! I can hear a few Petrucci'isms in there... who else does he remind you of? Learn guitar online HERE

5 Free Trent Reznor MP3s

I have a hell of a lot of respect for the way Trent Reznor goes about business selling his music... it goes something like 'screw you corporate monsters, I will make the music I want, when I want, how I want it... then I am going to sell it direct to my fans instead of giving you 90% of the takings."

If that wasn't reason enough he's a big advocate of giving away awesome free tasters. Click the link to get 5 free tracks from The Social Network soundtrack:

If you enjoy Trent's other work you'll really dig these tracks, Ive had them on loop and am about to buy the full thing. Looks like the marketing worked!

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Music Vid Revolution - Crowdsourcing

Having fans help you make your song video is know as crowd sourcing. Its a relatively new phenomena and this clip shows its great potential. The good news is videos can be shot on a shoes string budget and catapult bands into the spotlight of millions of viewers by their viral nature (remember Ok Go's treadmill clip).

The department where this sort of clip does cost is that of time... lots and lots of preparation time. This songs music video had four directors, took two months of story boarding, and a month of shooting to complete.

Well worth the effort though Im sure you'll agree! Enjoy.

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Perpetual Picking Motion = Groove

Something that Im constantly trying to help develop in my students playing is GROOVE, and the very top key to groove is keeping your picking hand moving. 'If your hand keeps moving you'll keep grooving!'

This video is an awesome example of exactly that. She not only keeps her hand moving for chords but also for her lead guitar licks. The result, rock solid groove.

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Steve Lukather & Marty Friedman Jamming!

Hearing a well known guitarist cover another well known guitarists song is one thing but hearing 2 well known guitarists cover each others song while sitting in the same room is another thing all together. Confused? Then watch the video and see what I yaking on about :)

If you are easily offended skip the potentially offensive lead in banter and jump straight to the guitar action at 20 seconds.

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Rock Stars Kidnapped By Ninjas!

So I recently got into this whole video blogging thing as an outlet for airing my thoughts on guitar, new music, bands etc. Subscribe to the channel at

Leave your comment below sharing... if kidnapped by ninjas which sexy star you would want to save you? And why? The best answer will feature in my next vlog.

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Approaching Warp Speed, Hold On To Your Butts!

so I heard a few mentions of Andy James in the same sentence as Paul Gilbert who Im a huge fan of so decided to give his videos some investigating... 3;30mins later Im here trying to pull my eyebrows down my forehead!

Occasionally you find a player who absolutely flaws you from the word go, Andy James is one of those players. There are a zillion shredders out there but Andy James is one of the few who manages to maintain incredible note clarity even at warp speed.

Speed aside he also has some great phrasing and menacing vibrato. Enough of my yakking, press play and prepare to feel the need to for a couple of decades of practice :)

Learn To Shred

First 3D Music Video

Awwwwweful music, but the 3D is great if you have red/blue glasses! Apparently its the first 3d film clip on youtube, if not its probably the first well produced one.
(at time of publishing more than 50% of the 3D movies on youtube aren't very affective.)

Need glasses try Ebay, I got mine for under $5 delivered and their actual plastic glasses not just the old paper ones. Enjoy, even if that requires turning the sound down :)

Nail Your Guitar Chords For Good

Engaging The Lighter Side Of Metal

I had a good laugh while watching this Killswitch Engage video clip... a great reminder that music is all about enjoyment, and big part of that being not taking things tooo seriously. A good lesson we can all be reminded of from time to time.

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Jam To The Ninja Guitar Beat!

Mr Fast Finger is the magical meeting of shred guitar, animation and humour. What's more he's a very nice guy because he's now provided us with a blog of wicked shred licks to learn + and a very groovy ninja backing track loop.

Hear Fast Finger fan Ugur Dariveren ripping up over the loop with his slippery licks then try it yourself HERE!

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The Silly Side Of Music

Tim Minchin says "This is a silly song. I stopped doing it for a while because it was so silly, but people insist on me having it in the show. There are three kinds of people. The musos who love it and think it's really funny. The everyday kind of people who get it and find it amusing... Then there are those that don't notice there's anything wrong."

What to do if your hands are to big (or small) for guitar...

If there is any complaint from guitar students I have no time for, its those about the hands/fingers being to big, to small, to fat to skinny etc.

Unless you have some serious disfigurement or injury, this complaint is just plain bollocks. Get off your emo chair, stop making excuses and work on your playing.

Still need more convincing? Watch this video...

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Need Motivation To Practice?

As a guitar teacher of over 10 years, Ive had to privilege of seeing what makes people tick when it comes to LEARNING.

One of the biggest indicators of success or failure is an attribute that's as clear as day in the moment I meet a new student... Its quite simply ATTITUDE.

The people who do well are those that...
A. Believe they can succeed.
B. Trust and follow my guidance as a teacher
C. Don't get stuck in their head. They simple take action.

If you have trouble getting yourself to practice or any of the above sound like you watch the following video.

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Ninja Guitar Man!

What an aweful video... but what great playing that makes up for it :)

Today was my first encounter of ninja guitar man Ewan Dobson and I was impressed to say the least. Its a wonder that he even chooses to use the gimmick of wear a martial arts gi. Either way it puts a smile on my face refering to him as you ninja guitar man :)

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'THIS Is Rock N Roll'

I don't think words can quite explain just how epic this is. Guitar related or not I just had to post it. Enjoy :)

Make sure you watch the video... I might be different than you expect!

Get one yourself check out the links below the video.

Vai Spy Cam

Last week I shared with you a spy cam video of Mattias IA Eklundh doing his thing minus the audience. There is something tremendously revealing and neutralizing about this sort of video, by chance I landed on a similar video of Steve Vai working on ideas in the studio.

Turns out he does pull those crazy faces off stage aswell! Stick around for his mini lesson in the second half.

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Spying On An Amazing Guitarist

There is something magical about watching a great player in a non performance, almost peephole perspective. No ego, just the player and their instrument.

In this video its one of my favourite players, Sweden's Mattas IA Eklundh. Amazing chops and awesome creativity with unorthodox techniques and phrasing.

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Creating A Great Band

Steve Vai talks about the mammoth task of putting together his band for the 'Where The Wild Things Are' tour.

A great insight into to huge amount of work and dedication it takes to create a really special show. Some good gems of wisdom also.

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