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Some Classic Satriani

It's no secret Im a Joe Satriani fan, but I realised I havent until now featured any Joe here on the blog. So here we go, this vid features a great extended outro jam. It's a video that I hadn't seen until only recently. Loads of vibe, tone to die for and plenty of blazing licks of glory!

Your Guitar Can Make You Funnier

Bill Bailey was the first comedy musician that made me realise how damn cool it is to be able to play atleast one bar of every popular song in history and atleast a dash of each style. If not for any other reason, it can be damn amusing!

This video features the man better known as 'Papa Gates', as he is actually the father of Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Sinister Gates. He wears it on his sleeve to mentioning it with good humor in his videos.

Disclaimer: This might not suit all tastes in humor.
If that's you simply enjoy the song references.

Drumming With Vegetables

The is the $50 film clip for 'The Space on the Wall' by Dead Letter Circus. Cool band, funny clip.
I always have a lot of admiration for bands who can come up good film clips on a budget of little to nothing. Think Ok Go's 50 million view treadmill clip. Not that this clip is particularly fitting for the song, but the sentiment is still the same entertaining, with out the big budget.

Tremolo Picking Made Easy

Some people find speed on the guitar comes naturally, for other its a little more difficult.

Surf guitar uses the technique of tremolo picking (picking as fast as you can) to great effect but if you dont have the endurance in your picking hand for it your likely to konk out about 30 seconds into a song. These guys have found a novel solution :)

Amazing drum solo, on keyboard?

I featured a video a few weeks ago with a band playing classic rock songs where all the guitar parts were played on Organ. Well today Ive got a pretty crazy video with guy displaying some pretty mad drum skills, on keyboard. Pretty impressive!

Ugliest Guitar Ever?

Many of us start our adventure learning the guitar with a pretty ugly guitar, simply because that's all our parents will spend on a first instrument for us.

So it brings me to my point, does Greg Howe have the ugliest signature model guitar in history? Greg could have them design a guitar any way he wants and he gets them to make him THIS? Sure hope it plays well :)

Riff Writing, its like painting

Wes Borland formerly of Limp Bizkit these days heads his own band 'Black Light Burns'. Don't let the negative clout of his former band fool you. Borland has killer feel, ballsy tone and sweet signature model Yamaha axe to boot.

In this clip he gives you a cool insight into his take on riff writing. If your a fan of industrial rock like Nine Inch Nails take a listen to Black light Burns album 'Cruel Melody', its well worth a listen.

Like Where's Wally But Easier...

Spot the FAIL :)

MUSE - Forced to lip synch?

This is pure gold... once you know the back story.
Big bands do zillions of promo spots when releasing a new album, namely talk shows. Some are well equiped to host bands doing live performances, others are not.
A long story short, MUSE turn up for a performance on this Italian soccer/talk show and are told they will not be playing live and must lip synch to the original recording of the song. Taking offense to this (as any true musician would) they decide that if that's how it must be they will do it on their own terms... and swap instruments!